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How long is the lease? Month to month

Can I get insurance for my belongings? Yes, we can provide insurance for a small additional fee.

Can I rent a dolly to help me move?  Yes, we have dollies available for rent.

Can I buy boxes, tape, mattress bags?  Yes we have moving supplies available.

Where do I get a lock?  We provide a complimentary lock with a new move in. We also have disk locks available for sale.

Do I have to have all of my items professional packed? No, we do suggest you pack your belongings in a manner that will protect them and keep them in the best possible condition.

We suggest you place your belongings with care. Avoid placing directly against the walls of the unit. Boxing up items works best. Clothing or fabric goods fare better if wrapped in plastic to keep clean. Never store food or scented items. Storing flammable or toxic chemicals is prohibited.

If you have any questions– just come ask us—we are happy to help you have a successful storage experience!